Hublot Sapphire Night Party in Ho Chi Minh City

Last week, I received an invitation letter from The Hourglass to participate in an event under the name “Hublot Sapphire Night Party”, featuring not only their new collections but also their Sapphire watches.

Photo: The Invitation letter to Chanesd Srisukho, as the Thai businessman

The event was organized especially for the watch collectors in Ho Chi Minh City to have the opportunity to learn and experience directly the Sapphire collection as well as their latest innovations released at the beginning of this year. Generally, Baselworld novelties were only released to the press and retailer and have not been officially released until the latter half of the year. However, Vietnam is fortunate to be the first destination of the Hublot tour on the whole market of Southeast Asia.

Holding at Hublot Boutique, at Union Square shopping centre in Ho Chi Minh City, their second and largest boutique in Vietnam. A destination for shopping experiences on an international level, featuring the “Art of Fusion” concept by featured collections by prestigious, enthusiastic and professional service.

“The Sapphire Night Party”, as the name giving it away, the event is revolving around the concept of “Transparent Watch”. Hublot yet again revolutionised the watch industry with their first large-scale use of the innovative material as case construction, the Sapphire. It was a bold move indeed.

The Sapphire glass has been playing a significant role in many luxury watch brands as the protective glass to display the dial, due to their unique property; super-hard, ultra-light and high scratch-resistance material, which is only less to diamonds. But still, it’s not an everyday thing to see a Sapphire as a watch frame.

To displayed their sophisticated mechanism, many brands have adopted the concept of an “open-work” model; where dial or (and) case back are removed, but still one can only enjoy the sight from the front and back only. As one of the leader on the use of innovative materials of the watch industry, Hublot did not miss the opportunity to utilise the Sapphire glasses as the case itself, creating the new definition of the real open-work model.

Bringing the opportunity to admire the mechanical essence of the Swiss watch, Sapphire is the big obstacle for contemporary watchmakers. Sapphire blocks can only be shaped by a diamond-made tool, not to mention the high risk of flaws. Just a little tiny mistake in the stages can make the watchmaker start over all the process from the beginning. Many would say it’s impossible to do on a large scale, but Hublot did it.

After being taken over by LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton company, Hublot is among the top brands leading the research and development of Sapphire watches. Hublot’s Sapphire manipulation technology is of particular interest to contemporary watch lovers because of two characteristics: being the first brand to be able to produce Sapphire cases in large numbers, and also as the well-known brand in colouring technique for this sophisticated transparent material. Putting Sapphire on the Big Bang symbol not only marks a new milestone for the brand and “Art of Fusion” philosophy itself but also creates a turning point for the watch industry for making Sapphire.

Hublot Big Bang 5 Days Power Reserve Tourbillon Sapphire

Standing out at the event is the Hublot Big Bang 5 Days Power Reserve Tourbillon Sapphire, a design that elevates the concept of “open-work” to a new level. Apart from the metal gears, all of the components can be seen through the case, giving the wearer unique pleasuring experience, especially when admiring the Tourbillon from every angle.

In addition to Big Bang Tourbillon Sapphire, the event Sapphire Night also displayed a series of other exceptional timepieces such as Big Bang One Click Sapphire Rainbow, the coloured Sapphire editions such as Big Bang Sapphire Blue or Sapphire Red.

Besides the eye-catching Sapphire theme, I also had the opportunity to enjoy all the innovations that Hublot’s launched at Baselworld 2019.

At the Party

After visiting the boutique and being introduced to the brand’s latest creations, I was invited to the party space to enjoy the Sapphire Night. The party started with a drum performance featuring the L.E light show featuring the “Sapphire concept” element. Enjoying the night along with the Moët & Chandon Imperial Champagne, it was an unforgettable moment.

The party was held with the attendance of Min – the singer with many hits such as “Ghen, Co Em Cho, or Em Moi La Nguoi Yeu Anh; and the famous DJ Nimbia, the runner-up of The Remix 2017 and one of the most talented DJ in Vietnam. The two artists brought together a youthful, vibrant party in the luxurious atmosphere to the attendees.

Interviewing at the event, Ms Hoai Anh – Hublot brand manager in Vietnam explained:

— “Making Sapphire watches is a costly and risky process that not every watch manufacturer dares to challenges. However, for Hublot, it is always believed that R&D achievements must be closer to the public, not in the laboratory or only for a few customers. With the philosophy of THE FIRST, THE ONLY ONE, and 100% DIFFERENT, Hublot is the first watchmaker in the world to produce Sapphire watches in regular quantities with many colours from pink, red, blue and the newest is yellow. All these achievements are dedicated to all the customers who have gone along and supported Hublot to become the fastest growing watch company in history. ”

Hublot Sapphire Night and Hublot Baselworld Novelties 2019 tour were also dubbed as an official greeting that Hublot would like to convey to all the watch collectors in Vietnam.

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