Our Story

Founded in 2013 by Mr. Ukrit Vanagosoom, LWT originally entered a digital world by creating Facebook Fan Page under the name, “Luxury Watches Thailand”. All the contents were started from a strong interest in luxury watches and willingness to exchange and share knowledge with other people who share the same interest. After reaching 1,000 likes on Facebook Fan Page, the official website, www.lwt.club, was launched to become a great resource for watches lovers. Recently, the website is renamed to www.luxurywatchesthailand.com to reflect ourselves to watch content, history and technology of watches from all over the world.

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Ukrit Vanagosoom

Ukrit Vanagosoom (Founder) has a Master’s Degree of Material Science and Material Engineering from Technische Universität Clausthal, Germany. With the understanding of metal’s microstructure and mechanical properties, Ukrit is able to share his experience and gather in-depth information from various sources in English and German language. His long experience living in Europe for over 10 years also allows him to understand the trend and values of Europeans toward watches, which enables to add greater values on the blog’s content.

email: ukrit@luxurywatchesthailand.com

Kittichart Boonyapakdi

Kittichart Boonyapakdi is pursuing his career as a Pharmacist at Srinakharinwirot University. The first impression of his grandfather’s pocket watch, Zenith S.A.B, he immediately fell in love with watches. He believes that all watches have its own history and unique designs and starts to discover more information about watches. With his experiences as a writer for TopGun, Tuaytoon and Thairath. Kittichart is able to contribute a variety of content on www.luxurywatchesthailand.com

email: kittichart@luxurywatchesthailand.com

To offer a greater variety of content, Ukrit, together with Mr. Kittichart Boonyapakdi, a co-founder of Luxury Watches Thailand, continues in producing in-depth information in relation to history, exclusive information, reviews and watch’s factory tour. 

On January 29, 2017 QP Magazine (Thai Edition), the most popular watch magazine with the largest number of readers, joins hands with Luxury Watches Thailand (LWT), the number one watch blog in Thailand in order to contribute a greater content for watch lovers. With the two influential media combined, it is now become LWQP. Today, LWQP has grown to become a leader in watch content with high web traffic and followers on social media.